WhatsApp Is Releasing A Dark Mode Feature

The dark mode feature is already present in many applications, such as YouTube, Telegram and Twitter. The dark mode or dark mode will change the interface and background to a dark black color. This feature is presented to provide comfort to users who often spend hours staring at the smartphone screen.

In addition to YouTube, Telegram and Twitter, the instant messaging application WhatsApp is reportedly also going to bring this dark mode feature.

WhatsApp is planned to release this dark mode feature for Android and iOS devices. This information was conveyed by the Twitter account @WABetaInfo.

Dark mode feature on WhatsApp

The Twitter account @WABetaInfo leaked about the dark mode feature or dark mode that will be presented by WhatsApp.

It is known, there are two concepts prepared by WhatsApp. The first is “Full OLED” and the second is the dark theme. With the “Full OLED” option it is possible that the OLED screen turns off the pixels, making the color pitch black and saving the battery.

While in regular dark theme option it is almost same as YouTube, Telegram and Twitter which will still emit light from the screen. The dark mode only changes the interface and background from a bright color to a dark black color, but when this feature will be officially rolled out is still unknown. Let’s just wait, shall we!

Applications that already have the Dark Mode feature

The existence of a dark mode feature darkens the screen on your device so that it is more comfortable when viewed by eye, especially when used throughout the day. In addition to WhatsApp, here are the best applications that already support the dark mode.

1. Youtube

Dark theme is one of the most favorite updates of application developers. Not wanting to be left behind, YouTube has finally released a dark mode display on its interface.

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2. Telegram Messenger

Telegram Messenger is also one of the applications that already supports dark mode. Please update to the latest version of Telegram Messenger and then go to the settings section. You will find the option to activate the dark mode feature.

3. Twitter

Since its inception, Twitter has been the best place to get the fastest and most informative news. Because you don’t need news with a long chronology and explanation, with only 280 characters you have pretty clear information about the news that is emerging.

For those of you who still frequently use Twitter, this application also offers a dark mode, you know. So for those of you who still regularly scroll through the timeline on Twitter, with the dark mode feature, your experience will be more comfortable and enjoyable.

Those are some applications that already support the dark mode feature. Let’s hold on, yes, his presence on WhatsApp!

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