Make WhatsApp Conversations More Exciting With Group Video Calls

More and more chat applications are popping up around the world, making the competition between applications even greater. But it seems it doesn’t have much effect on WhatsApp. A chat application that is downloaded by almost all people in Indonesia. Regardless of age, from children to adults prefer this application as a medium to communicate with colleagues.

Even though there are many other choices for chat applications, the ranking of WhatsApp itself is still the most important. In addition to the simple appearance, the flexibility of WhatsApp itself, which can be easily used in different operating systems, also keeps its prestige stable, which many parties prefer. Especially with WhatsApp’s group video call feature.

It feels like meeting friends directly

Of course, the density of your activities also has an impact on quality time with friends. With this latest feature of WhatsApp, you and your friends will feel closer to each other even though they are far away from each other. Androidpolice reporting, this feature in WhatsApp group video calls allows you to make video calls to talk to up to four people in one session. But unfortunately this feature has not been widely distributed as it is still being updated, of course this makes it not for everyone to enjoy it.

Another weakness of this WhatsApp group video call is the limited number of people that can film together as it is limited to only four people. Of course, people expect a lot that WhatsApp will always make improvements for the sake of smooth conversations, especially the ease of use.

Prepare a snack or a game

The limited access to being able to meet up with friends directly is certainly not a reason to limit being together when performing joint activities. With the group video call feature, you can show the activities you are doing, there is nothing wrong with doing activities together with your friends. For example, by playing games or making jokes while eating snacks. Guaranteed that no matter how far the distance restricts you, it feels closer together!

Don’t do it too often, so that the video call becomes a special moment

Anything done too often is sure to bore someone. This also applies to you if you are on a group video call. If done intensely, it can feel monotonous and eventually the conversation that should have been intimate now feels dull. It is therefore a good idea to schedule time for video calls by conference, so that the quality time with your friends is well preserved and of course leaves a good impression on each other.

Only in an easy way can you meet in person even if you don’t meet in person

To stay connected, you need to update the WhatsApp application to the latest version. Once this is done, you can start a video call with the destination contact.

After you and your friends are connected, all you need to do is add two contacts to join the video call by clicking the (+) button as the add participant function which is on the top right corner. Then you and your friends can chat freely.

Easy way right? Success, yes!

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