Introducing Clova LINE First AI Project

The emergence of artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence or simply AI is increasingly demanded by various parties, including LINE. One of the chat applications from the state of Sakura does not want to be left behind in sustainable technological innovations. LINE sees an opportunity in developing an AI that can support its performance in the future. As reported by LINE’s official website, the AI ​​platform created by LINE is called Clova.

Clova began to be applied outright through the Wave smart speaker. What is the reason?

The seriousness of LINE is no joke

One key technology that is a new hope for LINE in the future is artificial intelligence or AI. Reporting from the official LINE website, LINE has started working on an AI project called Cloud Virtual Assistant or commonly abbreviated as Clova for the past two years.

Then only in early 2017 was Clova introduced to the public in Germany. Clova’s presentation at the Mobile World Congress event also introduced the LINE Wave, a smart speaker that can communicate with its users in two directions. LINE Wave is the liaison with the system running on Clova. After its initial release in early 2017, LINE Wave was launched in Japan in the middle of the same year with a pre-order system.

The reason why LINE chose Wave as Clova’s first device

In an interview at the LINE office, CSMO Corporation Jun Masuda finally spoke up. The reason Jun chose Wave as the first device on Clova was because LINE wanted to focus on sound. In this case, LINE also wants to give another breakthrough because users in Japan have so far mainly focused on text messages. In addition, the presence of a smart speaker with AI in it makes it easier for people to use other devices. LINE Wave users can voice commands such as commanding people, sending messages with LINE Chat, checking the weather forecast, reading the news, and even turning off the bedroom light.

The characters look cute and captivate everyone who sees it

At its initial launch, LINE showcased the design inherent in the AI ​​with LINE’s distinctive characters, namely Champ Sally and Champ Brown. Not only that, LINE also partners with Vinclu. Vinclu is a virtual assistant created by Gatebox based on Clova. Gatebox also has its own uniqueness in that it can not only communicate through speech, but also display three-dimensional animation with female characters.

Optimistic with long-term plans

In the interview, Jun said that the smart speaker was not the last device they developed. More Clova-based devices will be presented by LINE in the future. Meanwhile, LINE Corporation’s CTO, Euivin Park, stated that Clova will one day be able to be used to connect various digital devices that can help with day-to-day activities, but also be intense. Currently, LINE has collaborated with several leading brands including Toyota, Yamaha, Sony Mobile and LG.

As for the development of Clova itself, Clova can currently only communicate in Japanese. But Park said there is an opportunity to enable Clova to communicate in other languages, for wider Clova development.

So, what about the Indonesian edition? For those of you waiting for this product to be released in Indonesia, it looks like you need to be patient, OK!

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