How To Make WhatsApp Stickers Easy

WhatsApp continues to innovate to provide interesting features. If previously we could only express ourselves with emojis and GIFs, WhatsApp recently introduced a sticker feature like LINE.

Uniquely, we can not only use the stickers that are already available, but also create WhatsApp stickers with our own objects or faces, you know. How? Check out the next steps.

How to make WhatsApp stickers

Creating WhatsApp stickers is actually quite easy, but you need the help of third-party applications to create stickers with your own objects and faces. Here are the steps.

1. First, download the Background PNG application from the Play Store. This application can be downloaded for free.

2. Determine the selfie photo or object photo that you will use as a sticker on WhatsApp.

3. Make the background of the photo transparent or PNG. Use the Background PNG application.

4. If so, download Personal Stickers for WhatsApp app from Play Store. Once you have done that, open the application and automatically the results of the photos you have collected can be detected immediately. However, there must be at least 3 photos, because if there are only 1 or 2, the photo cannot be used as a sticker.

5. Click on the available button ‘Add’, then the sticker will be automatically downloaded in WhatsApp and you can try the sticker right away.

Well, isn’t it easy to make your own stickers for use on WhatsApp? Good luck!

For those of you who still don’t know how to use stickers on WhatsApp, see the following steps.

How to use stickers on WhatsApp

Reporting from Phone Arena, you can use the sticker feature on WhatsApp for Android and iOS users. Using stickers on WhatsApp is also quite easy.

Similar to using emojis and GIFs, all you need to do is click on the emoji icon next to where you want to write a message, then look at the very bottom, three icons will appear to choose from , namely emoji, GIF and stickers.

For Android users, you can find a selection of stickers via the submenu by the emoji and GIF icons. As for iOS users, you can find this sticker feature in the sticker collection in the submenu in the photo and video sharing section.

To get this sticker feature, Android users need to update WhatsApp to version 2.18.329 in Google Play Store, and for iOS users, you can update WhatsApp application to version 2.18.100.

The spread of this new feature is not evenly distributed. So, for those of you who don’t have this feature, wait a minute, OK!

In addition to WhatsApp, there are many chat applications that also have such a sticker function. Do you want to know something? Check out the row of chat applications that have the following sticker features.

1. Messenger, Facebook chat app

Facebook has a chat application separate from social media services. This makes it more comfortable for you to chat as it is not mixed with social media services.

You don’t even have to bother adding anything to your friends list. The reason is that the contact list in the Messenger application contains your friends who are on the Facebook friends list.

Chatting on Facebook is also fun because it feels “more colorful” thanks to its features, equipped with interesting features like stickers. Most stickers on Facebook are available for free.

2. BBM, the transformation of the old chat application

At the dawn of the smartphone era, you must have a BlackBerry device. This smartphone is indeed very popular in Indonesia a few years ago. Everyone should have this device.

Why is BlackBerry so widely used? The reason was that BlackBerry had a chat application at the time that was only available on the smartphone. The chat application is BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).

Initially, BBM seemed so rigid, perhaps because this application is widely used to communicate between business people. However, with the passage of time, BBM has changed a lot.

Now the app also features a “colorful” gimmick. One of the decals. Most stickers are available for free. However, there are also paid stickers.

3. LINE, popular in Asia

LINE is one of the most popular chat applications in Asia, including Indonesia. This application can be considered as one of the pioneers of the sticker feature.

Most of the stickers on LINE were originally based on the app’s original characters, such as Moon, Cony, and James. Then LINE also started selling sticker packs made by creators.

LINE has created a kind of sticker shop where every maker can enter their own sticker. Later, these stickers can be sold with LINE Coin.

So you already know how to make WhatsApp stickers? What other applications do you use stickers in besides using WhatsApp?

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