5 Best File Conversion Apps On Google Play

Dealing with multiple file formats can sometimes be confusing because a program doesn’t support certain formats, especially if you’re not at your computer. If you only have an Android smartphone, you can overcome this by converting it to a file format that can be read by the application on your smartphone.

Of course, since there are various file formats ranging from documents, audio, video, photos and others, you need a file conversion solution that is practical and supports many file formats.

If you’re looking for a file converting application, here’s a summary of 5 of the best ones based on interface and functionality.

1. PDF Converter – No-nonsense PDF Conversion

Cometdocs.com Inc.’s PDF Converter application. This can be your provision for anticipating the need for sudden file conversions. As the name implies, PDF Converter can convert files or documents into PDF files that are not editable and tend to be more universal.

This application supports converting image files, PowerPoint presentations, Excel, Word and Notepad text files (.txt) to PDF files.

2. Timbre – Convert audio and video files

Timbre from a developer called Xeus is probably the audio editing application with the slickest interface design ever, thanks to Google’s implementation of material design.

Besides the audio trimming function, Timbre can also combine 2 different audio and convert audio and video files to various popular formats. This audio and video conversion is especially useful if you have limited access to a computer.

3. Media Converter Pro – Multifunctional for various popular file formats

If you want to anticipate the need for a file conversion that is more compatible with many file formats, you should try Media Converter Pro. This application comes with a material design interface that is clean and intuitive to use.

Media Converter Pro can convert audio files, videos and documents to documents in a view that is comfortable to navigate.

4. VidSoftLab Video Converter – Fast and Easy Video Conversion

VidSoftLab Video Converter also comes in a material design interface that is comfortable to navigate with interaction elements that are easy to understand even for novice users. This application is great for converting video files as well as for light editing like trimming or cutting videos, adding background music and more.

5. InShot Video to MP3 Converter – Extract audio content from video files

InShot Video to MP3 Converter is the best choice for those of you who often stream music videos because this application has reliable video to audio conversion function. Like Timbre, InShot Video to MP3 Converter also has an audio editing function that can be zoomed in for the desired cutting accuracy.

You can customize the 5 applications above to suit your file-typing needs, as well as anticipation when you’re away from your computer or laptop.

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