5 Applications To Support The Security Of Your Android Smartphone

At this point, it may become more and more difficult for you to gain privacy as now almost all important data about yourself is scattered on the internet and social media.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get your privacy anymore, right? You can get privacy on your own Android smartphone, really! You may still often worry if the contents of your Android smartphone are being spied on by other people.

Use the applications below for this so that not just anyone can access or open your Android smartphone. Here are the five best applications to support Android smartphone security.

1. Smart AppLock (App Protector) – Developer: SpSoft

Some Android smartphones may already be equipped with a fingerprint or fingerprint lock feature. However, some are not yet equipped with this feature. In fact, fingerprints or fingerprints are quite safe to use to maintain privacy on your smartphone.

One of the fingerprint applications that you can use for Android smartphones is Smart AppLock (App Protector), which allows you to lock applications including social media and photo galleries on your smartphone using a fingerprint or fingerprint.

In addition, this application can also be used to lock your entire smartphone or commonly known as screen lock. But unfortunately this application can only be used by Samsung smartphone users with at least Android OS Marshmallow.

2. AppLock – Developer: DoMobile Lab

You don’t want everyone to be able to open applications on your smartphone, do you? Just protect it with this application. The AppLock application can provide security for the applications on your Android smartphone.

You can also choose a password to lock it. The types of passwords or passcodes you can choose are in the form of codes or PINs, patterns, to fingerprints.

This application can also lock the gallery on your android smartphone. In addition, you don’t have to worry if you forget your password, because this AppLock application is ready to recover your password by asking a few questions. So guaranteed safe!

3. Keepsafe Photo Vault: Hide Private Photos and Videos – Developer: Keepsafe

Want to have the privacy to save various photos or videos in smartphone gallery? Don’t want people to open your smartphone gallery carelessly?

Don’t worry, just protect your privacy by using a gallery lock application to keep it safe and of course you can open the gallery on your smartphone.

One of the gallery lock apps for Android smartphones is Keepsafe Photo Vault. By using this application you can lock the smartphone gallery by using a password in the form of PIN, pattern, to fingerprint. So you don’t have to worry anymore if someone else tries to access your smartphone gallery.

4. Find My Device, Developer: Google

Disasters can happen at any time. One of the most annoying disasters is when we lose your favorite Android smartphone. Before this happens, it would be nice if you were on your guard by downloading the Find My Device application.

This application has three main functions to help you find your lost Android smartphone.

First, the Locate Your Phone feature provides the location of the Android smartphone so that you can directly visit the location reported by the Find My Device application.

The second function is to play a sound that gives a speech code when you are near the location of your lost smartphone.

And the last feature is Erase & Lock which allows you to lock personal data and delete any chat on your lost Android smartphone. Complete, right? Your privacy will also be preserved if you lose your Android smartphone.

5. Lost Android, Developer: Theis Borg

No need to panic when you lose your android smartphone because you can also use this lost android application to track your lost smartphone. This lost android smartphone tracker application will track in real time and can be controlled by SMS.

This application also has an alarm function in the form of a flash that will light up on the screen of your smartphone. And the most interesting thing is that this application also locks automatically when your android phone is in the hands of irresponsible people.

This application also instantly takes pictures of the thief who took your favorite cell phone. Pretty safe, right? Your privacy is preserved.

Well, those are the five best applications to support Android smartphone security. So you don’t have to worry about maintaining privacy on your own Android smartphone anymore, OK!

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