5 Android Apps For Easy Data Transfer

Regardless of the type of file format, transferring files is a must-do activity that everyone should do. If you are an Android smartphone user, transferring data is generally done by connecting a USB cable to a computer or laptop, right?

It’s fine if you’re still using conventional methods to move data. However, there is a more interesting alternative if you want to look more tech-savvy and cable-free, when you want to transfer data from your smartphone to your computer or laptop, or vice versa.

In this article you will find 5 recommended data transfer applications, with intuitive functions and independent of the USB cable every time you want to move files.

1. Xiaomi Mi Drop – Take advantage of the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) network

Mi Drop is an application created by Xiaomi that comes with a file transfer function by using an internet connection within the same network. Using the FTP or File Transfer Protocol method, Xiaomi Mi Drop can be a quick alternative to transfer files even for large files.

Not only from smartphones to computers, Mi Drop can also be used as a file sender between smartphones, as long as the destination smartphone has the Mi Drop application.

2. Pushbullet – Best Desktop Browser Integration

When you surf the web, there are times when you want to send meme image or wallpaper that you happen to come across on an internet site. Instead of using a USB cable to move small files, you can use Pushbullet.

Pushbullet is a client that acts as an intermediary for sending various files, texts, to notification mirroring that keeps you updated with notifications on your smartphone. Pushbullet comes as an app on Android and a Google Chrome extension to connect to a single Pushbullet account.

3. Portal by Pushbullet – Fast Wi-Fi Data Transfer

Portal is designed by the same team of developers as the Pushbullet app. The difference is that Portal is designed to transfer files between devices, from smartphones to computers or laptops through a desktop browser.

Extensions like Pushbullet are not needed as Portal does not need any functions other than sending files with simple interface. How to use it is nothing more than scanning the QR code available on the portal.pushbullet.com site.

4. SHAREit – Application for sending files and more

SHAREit was originally designed with 1 basic need, which is to easily transfer files without wires and a bluetooth network that is considered obsolete. The difference between SHAREit and similar apps like Xiaomi Mi Drop is that SHAREit creates its own WiFi hotspot network, instead of using an external network.

Over time, the SHAREit app got a lot of extra features, not only for sending files but also for RAM booster, cache file cleaner and more.

5. AirDroid – Send data and access smartphones remotely

AirDroid makes sending data even more sophisticated. Why? Because AirDroid has mirroring feature similar to remote access on Windows 10 when using TeamViewer.

However, if you only want to use AirDroid to send files, this app is definitely overkill, but still worth it.

That were 5 android applications for your convenience to transmit data without using cables. Of course, the speed of sending files really depends on the speed of the internet network you are using.

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