5 Alternative FaceTime Apps For Android

For iPhone users, you must be familiar with the FaceTime application. The application that is standard on all lines of Apple devices has become a mainstay for two-way communication via video calls or video calls.

For Android users, you may not be able to try this video calling application. But don’t worry, you can download the following alternative FaceTime applications to make video calls like FaceTime on Apple devices.

Here are five alternative FaceTime applications for Android users that you can download.

1. Facebook Messenger, also available for kids for kids

Facebook Messenger can be an alternative for Android users who want to make video calls. Yes, in addition to the standard features that support text chat, Facebook Messenger can also be used to make video calls with up to 50 people at a time in a single conversation session.

In addition, in early December 2017, Facebook also launched the Messenger Kids application intended for children. Since it is used for children, Facebook designed its Messenger Kids application with a selection of interesting features.

Using augmented reality technology, Facebook Messenger Kids brings emoji and virtual masks to make video calling activities more interesting and suitable for children.

2. Google Duo, still easy to use in bandwidth-limited areas

With an easy and simple interface and excellent video quality, this application from Google is suitable for you as an alternative to FaceTime application for making video calls.

Google Duo is also built to track network changes. If bandwidth is limited, Google Duo automatically lowers the image resolution to make video calls smooth.

In addition, Google Duo also has a unique feature called “Knock Knock”, which works like knocking on a friend’s door. Like a “door”, this feature allows you to see the caller before answering the call. You also know in advance who and the purpose of the incoming call.

3. Google Hangouts, you can make video calls

In addition to Google Duo, Google also has a Hangouts application that allows you to make video calls.

Google Hangouts has an advantage that is superior to the FaceTime application, which is that the video calls are not only limited to two people, but up to 10 people at a time in one video call. Wow, like an official meeting in a virtual atmosphere, huh!

4. Skype, the pioneer video calling application

Skype is a pioneering video calling application. Skype, which was first released in 2003, still tops the list as the preferred video calling application for users in the professional segment.

Not only present in desktop computer programs, following the evolution of smartphones, Skype has also evolved in the form of applications for convenient communication anytime, anywhere.

5. WhatsApp also has group video calling feature

It is certain that the majority of today’s smartphone users have a WhatsApp application that “displaces” the SMS function as a place to send messages. First introduced in January 2009, WhatsApp, which initially did not have a video calling feature, now has this feature. Also now there is a service for video calls with more than two people or a so-called group video call.

Bonus: LINE, you can make video calls with interesting stickers

Furthermore, there is also a chat application that can be an alternative to FaceTime, namely LINE. Not only limited to communication in the form of text, LINE can also be used for calling in the form of audio and video.

For video calling you can use the functions in the application on your laptop, tablet or smartphone, but you can also video call with various funny stickers. Video calls thus become more exciting with interactive animation features.

That’s a row of alternative FaceTime applications for Android users that you can download. These applications are certainly interesting for you to try as an alternative to FaceTime. Which app do you find most interesting?

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